Ecotek System

The Ecoteck system was born with the express purpose of reducing costs to encourage those who have to delimit very long stretches.
The structure of this panel is made of a frame very light but at the same time very robust which gives the product lightness and visibility. The visibility is in fact a strength of this product; the binomial net and black coloring significantly improves the vision of dangerous area.

The scratch resistance is guaranteed by a special black paint.

The system can be assembly with QUICK NOVATEK

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The cost is contained compared to the Novatek system because is realized with tubular system 10×25.


The innovative net system 32×67 wire Ø3 combined with the black coloring of the panel improves the visibility of the machinery with the segregated area.


Each component has been studied to be modular, in fact all the PROTEC systems use the same net. In fact, the doors are made with the Novatek series.