DECELER is an new gen engineering organisation focusing on three verticals of the business

DECELER started as a small business in 2013, and has always been driven by technology, core values and ethics. Our brand grows by adding new technology products with an expansion of geography in periodical manner understanding the necessity of customer demands in advance through our long vision on the business.
Our journey started with distribution of industrial products and today DECELER has crossed many milestonesin adecade. We have grown in the automation business by integrating all three domains by adopting updated trends and technology in business of Industry 4.0 and the journey continues.
Deceler’s growth is built on three main roots which is customers – employees – business associates and along with these three combinations we also offer good products with best service that helps customers to gain trust on us which leads to increase in their numbers.Deceler spreads its across India and deals with different technological products and offers solutions. .

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To have different verticals, range of automation products to sell solutions across India in multiple industrialsegmentsglobally.

Our mission is to sell solutions not a product” Our mission is to keep our self fully equipped on knowledge to support the customers with proper technology Vision to connect with various industrial sectors products and its manufacturers


I am Yuvaraj. J director of the organization leading the automation business of Deceler for Past 10+ years successfully.

“We aim for GROWTH not only for organization but also for teammates” this is the simple and straightforward tagline DECELER’s successful journey of past 10 years and in future too. We never settle down anywhere because as a unit we know technology never settles and it always progresses so as a team we always enjoy and feel good to progress which is the only option to deal with technologies which grooms us and keeps us hungry.
Deceler does not have goals because we like to learn, grow and drive this journey forward so that we can set milestones that can be achieved every day which will continue forever. Our aim is to observe the advanced industry and be prepared for the execution.
We started with product distribution and then sold solutions and currently we focus on Factory, Safety and Cobot automation sales.
Thanks to my hungry teammates on growth which shapes the DECELER’s brand to attain this level and my best wishes for the future endeavors.

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