Rotary Union + Slip Ring

Rotary union is also called pneumatic slip ring or under pressure vacuum slip ring, which can independently rotate 360° to feedthrough single-path, multi-paths gas or under pressure vacuum. Rotary unions allow the feedthrough industrial inert gases such as compressed gas, steam, nitrogen, and chlorine and a variety of other media. Our 3KM LINK rotary unions available single passage of multiple passage 2/3/4/5/6/8/12/16/24 , The maximum working pressure range is -1.5Kpa~1Mpa.

In modern intelligent industrial applications, Rotary unions often be integrated with electric slip rings. They can simultaneously transmit power, control signals, optical signals, Ethernet signals, industrial buses and sensor signals, and even water, steam, hydraulic oil etc. this kind of combined slip ring is also called pneumatic-electric slip ring or pneumatic-fluid slip ring.

The light-torque rotary union is our 3KM LINK first new type of pneumatic slip ring in the industry. The rotating torque is 3-5 times  less than that of the pneumatic slip ring, which eliminates the hidden danger that the traditional pneumatic slip ring is often easy to damage the equipment due to excessive torque. And adopts double protection design, excellent sealing performance, sealing pipe and sealing ring are made of special materials, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, and long life

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