Fluid Metal Slip Ring

Fluid metal slip rings are divided into mercury slip rings and non-mercury fluid metal slip rings (gallium-based fluid metal slip rings)

Fluid metal electric slip rings no longer need to use carbon brushes or brush wires to transmit power and signals. It uses liquid mercury or gallium-based liquid metal as the conductive medium, and is connected to the electrodes at the fixed end (stator) and rotating end (rotor) at the same time, and transmits power and signals in 360° constant rotation.

Due to the fluid metal has fluid characteristics, the rotation resistance between the rotor and the stator is extremely small, and there is no mechanical wear, so fluid metal slip rings has an extremely long service life, reaching more than 1 billion revolutions. Moreover, the fluid metal slip ring has good conductivity, will not generate arcs during the transmission process, will not cause interference to currents and signals, signal transmission is stable and reliable, with low loss and small fluctuations, and meets the needs of high-quality electrical signal transmission.

The biggest difference between mercury slip rings and non-mercury fluid metal slip rings is that mercury is toxic and there is a potential risk of mercury leakage.

3KM LINK gallium-based fluid metal slip rings are non-toxic and are suitable for rotating connections on automated production equipment in the food, medical and other industries.

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