Directional Control Valves

The strict selection of aluminum, coil wire, spring, pin plating, seal, grease, magnet…from a series of China and global suppliers, the high precision machining with special machining technics and highly controlled process, the automation production streamline for every core parts and assembling/testing makes every E.MC valve high quality assurance and stability. To support daily increasing industry new requirements, E.MC continually develop new ranges, including full range NR series low power directional solenoid valve, SR series valve island, RV series high performance directional solenoid valve, CV series compact solenoid valve, V523231 series 5/2-3/2 exchangeable Namur solenoid valve, V series classic solenoid valve and pneumatic valve, mechanical valve, hand pull valve, hand push valve, foot valve, rotary valve, quick exhaust valve, shuttle valve, slide valve, one way valve, pressure increasing valve, etc. These wide ranges give strong support for excellent pneumatic system

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