Air Treatment Valve – FRL

FRLs includes air filter, air regulator, and lubricators. To meet wide industry fields application, E.MC pneumatics provides multiple design for FRL, including E series FRL, with very dependable and stable quality for over 20 years, EI series FRL with gauge integrated inside body, space saving, FE series European type FRL, very high acceptance in Europe other countries, HE series environment protective FRL, HNE series metal bowl FRL, AE/BE series economic FRL, EN series compact FRL, pressure switch, auto drain, high precision regulator, all etc. Especially the updated E/EI series FRL, with E.MC engineers deep study, test and special body design, it supports more than 9 Bar in actual application while normal FRL oilers break for long time use, which proves top technology in FRL field and give a better air source solution for higher pressure demands.

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